Friday, January 20, 2017

Starter & Appertizer

Wakatori Karaage - RM18
Deep fried boneless Ginger Chicken

Salad Roll - RM8
 Refreshing lettuce and Tempura batter flakes wrapped in seaweed

Avocado Salad - RM18
Avocado tossed in a Tart Dressing served on a bed of fresh Green Salad top with with Ebiko

Yudotofu - RM15
Boiled Beancurd with vegetables in Claypot served with Special Citrus Sauce

Horenso Ohitashi - RM8
Spinach in Dashi sauce topped with Bonito Flakes

Scallop Mentaiko - RM15
Scallop lightly Grilled with a Sweet Citrus marinade 

Shishamo - RM18
Grilled Pregnant Fish

Tatami Iwashi - RM20
Grilled Japanese Baby Sardin (Imported from Japan)

Wakame Kyuri Su - RM8
Fresh Seaweed with Vinegar marinated Cucumber

Edamame - RM8
Boiled Japanese Green Beans sprinkle with Salt

El-Hire - RM15
Grilled Sting Ray Fin

Ika Maruyaki - RM25
Grilled Squid

Kaki Shioyaki - RM28
Grilled Oysters

Agedashi Tofu - RM18
Deep Fried Bean-curd coated with Bonito Flakes served in Light Soy Sauce topped with Shredded Seaweed 

Mix Tempura - RM28
Assorted Deep Fried Light-battered Seafood and Vegetables

Gyoza Soup - RM15
Boiled Dumplings served with Flavored Soup (5 Pieces)

Gyoza - RM15
Pan-fried Dumplings (5 Pieces)

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