Friday, January 20, 2017


Niku Udon - RM32
Udon served in Special Hot Broth and Sliced Beef

Kitsune Udon - RM18
Udon served in Special Hot Broth with Deep Fried Beancurd 

Hiyashi Inaniwa - RM30
Cold Vegetables served with Special Sesame Sauce

Inaniwa - RM28
High quality Japanese handmade Wheat Noodles served with Fishcake and Vegetables

Yaki Udon - RM18
Stir fried Udon with Cabbage, Diced Chicken and Japanese Worcestershire Sauce

Curry Udon - RM22
Udon served in Curry Broth with Chicken, Vegetables and Hard-boiled Egg

Kitsune Soba - RM18
Soba served in Hot Broth with Deep Fried Beancurd

Tempura Udon
Udon served in Hot Flavored Broth with Tempura Battered Prawn 

Tenzaru Soba - RM25
Cold Soba served with Assorted Tempura

Tsukimi Soba - RM18
Soba in Hot Broth served with Raw Egg

Tsukimi Udon - RM18
Udon served in Hot Broth topped with Raw Egg

Tempura Soba - RM25
Soba served in Hot Flavoured Broth topped with Tempura Battered Prawn

Nabeyaki Udon - RM30
Udon in Hot Broth served with Seafood, Chicken and Vegetables (Claypot)

Kamo Shoyu Ramen - RM28
Ramen served with Smoked Duck Breast in Soy Sauce Soup

Aka Miso Ramen - RM28
Ramen served in Red Miso (a longer-fermented miso) soup with slice Chicken and Mix Vegetables

Cha Soba - RM22
Soba served Cold flavored with Green Tea

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