Thursday, January 19, 2017

Assorted Sushi & Handroll

Kyuri Lover Maki - RM25
Crabstick roll topped with Cucumber and Mayonnaise (8 pieces)

Wasabi Ebi Furai Maki - RM 28
Bread and Ebi deep fried in breadcrumbs served with Wasabi mayonnaise (6 pieces)

Reverse California Maki - RM28 
Crabstick, Cucumber and Ebiko rolled inside out (8 pieces)

Dragon Roll - RM28
Ebi Tempura roll topped with Avocado, Mayonnaise and Tobiko. (8 pieces)

Salmon & Avocado Handroll - RM12

Unagi Handroll - RM18

Salmon Skin Handroll - RM8

Enoki Tempura Handroll - RM10

California Handroll - RM8

Soft Shell Crab Handroll - RM12

Takuwan Maki - RM8

Kani Maki - RM10

Salmon Maki - RM12

Kappa Maki - RM8

Tako - RM8
Octopus hand pressed sushi

Shake Mentaiko Mayo - RM10
Salmon, Fish Roe & Mayonnaise (blow-torched)

Ebi Mentaiko Mayo - RM10
Shrimp, Fish Roe & Mayonnaise (blow-torched)

Ika Sushi - RM8
Cuttle Fish hand pressed sushi

Shake - RM8
Salmon hand pressed sushi

Ebi Sushi - RM8
Shrimp hand pressed sushi

Tamago Mentaiko Mayo - RM8
Egg, Fish Roe and Mayonnaise (blow-torched)

Inari Sushi - RM6
Bean curd

Inari Kani Mayo - RM8
Crabstick & Mayo

Inari Boat Mayo - RM8
Bean curd and Chicken

Tamago Sushi - RM6

Kani Sushi - RM8

Maguro Sushi - RM8
Red Tuna

Ikura Sushi - RM16 
Salmon Roe

Tobiko Sushi - RM8
Flying Fish Roe

Hotate Sushi - RM20
Scallop and Mayonnaise hand pressed sushi

Shiro Maguro Sushi - RM10
White Tuna hand pressed sushi

Unagi Sushi - RM22
Eel hand pressed sushi

Assorted Sushi
Reverse California Maki, Salmon, Tuna and White Tuna sushi, Kappa Maki, Tamago Maki

Assorted Sushi - RM15
Salmon, White Tuna & Red Tuna Sushi

Assorted Sushi
Fire Roll, Rainbow Roll and Salmon Mango Roll

Assorted Sushi - RM12
Ebi, Tako & Kani Sushi

Salmon Lover 2 - RM38
Salmon Sashimi, Salmon Sushi & Salmon Mentaiko

Salmon Lover 1 - RM130
Salmon Sashimi & Salmon Belly Sashimi (21 pieces)

Age Shake Maki - RM28
Salmon & Avocado Roll coated with Tempura batter served with Wasabi Mayonnaise (8 pieces)

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