Friday, January 20, 2017

CNY Special 2017!!

Zakuro 2 Japanese Cuisine has always been receiving freshly supplied seafood item daily to ensure that the food is up to standard, always being fresh and delicious. We strive to serve you the best of authentic and innovative Japanese Cuisine food. Zakuro 2 restaurant is a pork-free restaurant but alcohol is used or served.  

Get your fill of prosperity with Yee Sheng to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Now for a limited time only as Chinese New Year is just around the counter. Zakuro 2 would like to invite you to taste our mouth-watering Yee Sheng accompanied with a fresh plate of salmon sashimi. please call Ms Mabel (03-79878148).

Last but not least, Zakuro 2 would like wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year !

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